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Online Marketing Dos & Don'ts

Online marketing is more commonly called Digital Marketing because it uses all digital and electronic mediums; the internet, mobile phones, radio, display advertising etc...

Alongside good SEO you need an effective online marketing strategy to promote your products or services.

SEO = Getting your website seen by people looking for your product or service.

Online Marketing = Getting your product or service into the relevant marketplace using all online platforms

Unlike web building and SEO, we do not recommend DIY paid online marketing strategies for small business & startups.

This is the area where the amateur can get seriously hammered, it's easy to spend money on ineffective campaigns and mistakes are costly.

A paid campaign is like betting on a horse, no matter how much of a sure thing you think it is, don't risk  money you can't afford to lose.

If you are on a limited budget work on good organic SEO to boost your rankings and use social media for promotion and upload some decent videos to YouTube

These are free and very effective ways of promoting your business, and if you make mistakes you will learn from them without wasting your hard-earned cash.

Take a look at our articles  on  promoting your business with social media for free and promoting your business with YouTube

If you believe paid digital marketing is the way forward for your business then a must-have resource is The Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing you can see a brief review and link on our Free Website Tools Page.

When you feel your business is ready to allocate a budget for online marketing we advise getting an agency with a good track record, and a client base you can backcheck to see if they are effective.

 What a marketing agency should do for you

They should be aiming to build your business, increasing your profitability so they can partner you long term this is how they earn and how good agencies work.

A small company should be encouraged to start slowly and gradually build a working strategy.

They should not be pushing you to spend, spend, spend and at all times be aware of your budget and keep within its constraints.

They should be upfront about the risks of any strategy and not make overly enthusiastic projections which encourage you to spend more.

Once they have spoken to you and identified your needs  they should l work alongside you providing you with tailored digital marketing strategies.

Geared specifically at getting your goods or services moving into the marketplace within the costs you specify by using effective analytic modelling (seeing how your website really works), targeted advertising and placement.

This will cover social media platforms, effective content management, usage of blogs, affiliate marketing and more.

If your budget allows it they should develop an effective  PPC (pay-per-click advertising) campaign, to run alongside your other marketing streams.

Then recommend whatever strategy and combination of platforms they believe will be most effective in your case.

 Effective Online Marketing Increases revenue from your website

The bottom line

  • Analytics
    With online marketing data is crucial, your marketers must ensure that you have correctly installed analytics which give vital data about your website. Who is visiting, how and where from, monitors their behavior once in your website and identifies  key performance indicators (KPIs) enabling them to target and  modify areas for better performance.
  • Conversion Optimization
    Converting visitors  into customers. This means  looking at your visitors journey through your site, enhancing the user experience (UX), identifying how you can enable their decision process leading them from landing page to checkout and afterwards referring others to your website.
  • PPC
    As a small business or start-up, paid advertising and pay-per-click can prove costly and ineffective if mishandled. Your marketres should examine the metrics, your CPA (cost per acquisition) rates and other factors to see how best to use your budget to meet your needs. They ned to advise on less costly keyword purchase alternatives and look at alternative affordable ways to increase market awareness.
  • Affiliate
    A good way to get your product or service to market is to pay commissions to others who already have a web presence attracting people who will buy your product. A h good mrekter will  help you to find affiliates who will drive traffic to your website in search of what you are offering.
  • Social media
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat You Tube, Google+ etc... All have a role to play in digital marketing, using effective social activity as part of an integrated marketing strategy increases your web presence and your market.
    You should be advised on the benefits and costs of paid social advertising and be guided you if you choose to opt for this route.
  • Other media
    There are many other platforms , some free, some affordable and some needing a larger budget eg:-  You may need to make profesional quality  videos; have an  RTB (real-time bidding) budget to pay to put your adverts in the right place at the right time; Brand awareness, developing your brand and USP.
  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile apps have become a key marketing tool for many businesses, will yours benefit from one?  Can your marketer design an app to meet your requirements or suggest a suitable one to enhance your business.
  • Monetizing your Website
    Generating other streams of income by the intelligent placing of market relevant advertising, affiliate links from related products and other paid products, ensuring that even those visitors who do not complete a purchase with you can still contribute to your websites revenue.
Online Marketing revenue from your website

Whatever the digital strategy needed for your online marketing campaign we will deliver it.