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Why You Need a Website

In today's world if you have a business, no matter how small, you need a website. It's as essential as a storefront, workshop or office, it's more than a great marketing tool it is a business must-have.

  • This is where your customers will find you, interact and hire or buy your services or products.
  • To reach potential customers through social media, search engines and directory listings.
  • The first thing anyone will do when researching a new business is search for them online.
  • Your existing customers are most likely to  Google you if they want to find something out.
  • Not having a website can alienate your current clients.
  • People need to access your information, find directions to your business and view any upcoming news or events.
  • No website? Your potential customer will pick a rival that has one.

Yet worldwide 60% of small businesses still do not have a website!

Cost, time and difficulty are the main reasons  businesses give for not having a website, we are changing that.

Use this guide to getting  free websites

Or contact us and we will build an affordable website for you

Free Websites for Everyone

We've gathered together the three best 100% free solutions to quickly and easily get your business online. From simple one page free websites you can build and publish in under 10 minutes to multi-page sites.

Want more? We show you how to easily build and publish your own bespoke world-class website with no coding knowledge, saving £1000s in design and programming costs.

All you need is your own Domain name (buy one for a few pounds) and  hosting (under £10 a month) nothing else to pay....ever.


free websites with google my business

From June 17th 2017. The fastest & easiest free websites

If you are already registered with Googles my business (which you should be) then the fastest no hassle way of getting a free website up and running is to visit The Google website  builder, you may have to buy your domain name through Google, they start at £10 a year.

This is a basic single page free website builder exclusively for small businesses. Google claim you can have a mobile ready site up & running in under 10 minutes.

A simple free tool for your very first online presence, if you need something more substantial or a multi-page site please look at our other free tools.

See Tony Edwards review at Search Engine Land

Need something bigger or a multi page site and your budget is £0?


A neat way to save money on design fees  is to use one of the stock website builders. They have ready-made templates, you upload your own content onto them with easy to use drag & drop web building tools. Some provide free domain names, free hosting and other tools. Using them is a good way to get online quickly for free.

We've looked at those with free starter websites and recommend Site123 as the best option, it's not as powerful as some of the others and has less design options but it is the easiest to use by far and has great support.

The free plan is limited, your domain will be at your hosts address, our demo free site built for £0 at Site123 is, but they do give you a decent basic package and all Site123 websites come with free SSL, they are secure  Https websites.

We advise starting with the site123 free websites builder to get your site up and running then, when you can,  upgrading to  their premium  plan to get your exclusive domain name  and some more powerful tools, at under £8 a month we  think it's great value for money.

SITE123 - Website Builder

WordPress is an open source (free for everyone to use) CMS (Content Management System), the software that enables you to create, maintain and publish websites, it powers nearly a third of all websites in the world.

Go to you will get a free website builder, free hosting and a free domain name (''), no hidden fees, no strings attached.

No technical knowledge needed and easy to use guides take you every step of the way, your website can be built and published in under an hour (depending on size and content).

Take a look at our demo site built for £0.

What do you get from

From websites built by solo bloggers to multinational cooperation sites, like Sony, Facebook and Disney. WordPress levels the playing field giving everyone a way to have quality websites without paying hefty web design or software license fees.

  • 100% Free:- Your web builder, domain name and hosting are free, the free plan is pretty good and gives you everything a start-up or small business needs. You can upgrade to a paid plan later & drop the WordPress tag from your domain.
  • Security:- 37 million websites use to build and host websites, this is no half-baked here today gone tomorrow company, this is the worlds biggest, and we believe the best, CMS. Also all sites have free SSL certificates.
  • Support:- Easy to understand guides for everything you need to do plus a worldwide WordPress community ready to answer any questions and help you to solve any problems.
  • Simplicity:- WordPress uses clear easy to follow instructions to guide you every step of the way and there are many instruction videos on YouTube which show you exactly what to do and how to get the very best out of your site.

With a 100% free site, your domain name will end in, our demo free website is Upgrade to a paid plan to remove the WordPress tag & get more tools from £3 a month.

WordPress has 2 parts:- Where you get your 100% free website.

Free websites Mekatrig

Free Domain, free hosting, free web builder. Very simple to use and is used principally for bloggers, self or limited interest websites, information sharing and  businesses who have a  restricted or no budget for building a website.

You have limited technical control and need to upgrade to a paid package to add more tools and scope enabling bigger and better websites to be built .

All sites are automatically secured with free  HTTPS. - Is the CMS for self-hosted websites and is principally used by businesses.

Free Websites Mekatrig 

Free and very easy to use with a lot more tools and flexibility enabling you to build a world-class website. You provide your own Domain and hosting.

With you have complete control, you pay nothing, ever! You use the free CMS to do whatever you want, the sky really is the limit.

This is the worlds No.1  go to option for business websites and what we use for our own websites.
Build Your Own Free  World Class Website

Before you read on take a look at the WordPress Showcase to see exactly what we mean by World Class.

These are the type of free websites you can build and publish yourself with little or no coding knowledge.

You own and have total control over every aspect of the website, all you need is your own domain name and hosting. Everything else you need to design, build,  publish and maintain a WordPress website is free and easy to do with no technical  skills.

A typical website costs a few pounds a year for the Domain Name and under £10.00 a month for the  hosting, websites are cheap it's the time spent on designing, building and maintaining them that costs the money.

Mercedes use WordPress, if its good enough for them.............

To self build a world-class website with you need 7 things:-

1. Time:- You save money by investing time so clear a couple of hours a day to devote solely to building your website. We estimate 6 - 36 hours to get your website designed, built and published. depending on size & content.

2. A plan:- You need an idea of what you want your website to look like and how to get there. See our article on How to Create a Website it also has a section on time management.

3. A domain name:- This is your web address '' you can read about how to select one in our How To Choose a Domain Name article. GoDaddy has on Special Offer .COM or .CO.UK just 99p

4. A Hosting package:- You need somewhere to store your website so people can see it, you rent space on a hosting company's server have a look at discounted hosting plans  at GoDaddy! to get an idea of costs. For a guide on hosting see our article on Hosting Your Website.

5. WordPress:- This is the open source (free) CMS that enables you to create, maintain and publish your website.

6. A page building tool:- Needed to create your website we have selected 2 free tools which are very easy to use and powerful enough to let you build a world-class website without spending a penny. See our article on WordPress page builders.

7. Patience :- You need to follow step by step instructions from a guide or video, take your time, work steadily, take regular breaks, and you'll avoid mistakes and get great results.

What you don't need:-

  • Technical knowledge
  • Coding know how
  • Big budget

Take a look at our Article on How To Create A Website In 10 Steps to see how to get started with yours.

There are 100s of guides online showing you how to use WordPress, there's so much information that it is easy to get overwhelmed, it's like seeing 500 books on how to boil an egg, that much info makes it seem  complicated, but when you get down to boiling that egg you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Here's a quick introductory 5 minute video which shows the WordPress basics, from getting a domain name to building a simple website and publishing it.

Existing business? See what else Google can do for you
G Suite